Would you want to meet the Wow Computer Support ? or r u wondering what is the speciality of this WOW! Computer? Well! as its name suggests, it is a computer designed for our senior citizens or the beginners. It is an easy to use a computer having all features that will make our senior citizens feel comfortable to use at home in this digital age. Most of our computers are designed for individuals having knowledge of computers or are used to it. But Wow Computer Support, they are configured in such a way that, anybody who has never touched a computer before can easily use it.

We all know that computers are made to make our lives easier and simpler. But with the advancement of technology, they have become so complicated that using it is causing more trouble for some people. All the clicking’s, pointing, dragging and dropping, it becomes so complicated that sometimes you cannot figure out where you are. And for senior citizens and beginners, it becomes almost impossible. Moreover, some added troubles are handling viruses, spams and freeze-ups. But with Wow Computer Support, you will bring the world at your fingertips. It is totally different from all the computers you have used. The moment you will open the box, you can know the difference. You will get all the components connected, the only thing you need to do is just plug in the cord of power and the internet connection and here you go!

Unlike the messy look of the normal computer screen, Wow Computer Support possess a big and bright screen with easy to use touch screen system. The screen of this computers is simple to use and easy to understand. All you have to do is just touch the thing you want to open and get started. It so easy that senior citizens can use it without asking their children’s and grandchildren’s, and also no worries about viruses and freeze-ups. In simple words, we can say that it is a computer for seniors that is easy to use, easy to understand and easy to read. Moreover, the touchscreen options help peoples suffering from major physical challenges like arthritis, and people who find it more difficult for using keyboards and mouse. For this people, touchscreen becomes more accessible, because all you have to do is just touch the icons and get going.

Now let’s discuss in details about this WOW! Computer.

If you are super tired of playing a technology support for your parents and grandparents, then it’s time to bring home a Linux-powered WOW! Computer. Well, when you think about a Linux powered computer, you might think that either you will install Linux in your computer all by yourself or you may bring home a Linux pre-installed system from many vendors such as Dell, System 76 or ZaReason. But hold on, you have another easy option, the WOW! Computer for seniors. The operating system on which it runs is Linux. With Linux as operating system use of the computer becomes very much easy for senior citizens and other persons who are less tech-savvy. While running on a Linux operating system, it is customized to support the touchscreen capabilities. With Linux, you can easily avoid all problems associated with viruses, and to provide a more secure, worry-free computer environment. Most of the viruses infects computers running on windows, but they cannot infect a computer running on Linux operating system. With Wow Computer Support, they provide a virus protection from the server side, thereby offering an extra measure of safety and security. Thus, you don’t need any guard against viruses. Its customized edge is planned to make sit very easy to lunch a limited number of elementary tasks, along with a mass of applications to accomplish these errands. It doesn’t allow any additional software to install, thereby not allowing the users to go beyond the already built-in interface. Along with that all the new programs and the updates will be offered automatically for the whole lifetime.


Just have a look at all the features and designs of Wow Computer Supportand once you will use it you can know the difference. All its built-in features are just a point away. So, just touch with your fingertips and start your journey to the world of computers.

Some of the common features that WOW! Computer offers are

  • Video
  • Photos,
  • Websites
  • Calendar
  • Write
  • Contacts
  • Weather

Then some extraordinary features are:

Zoom magnification:

With Wow Computer Support you can leave your magnifying glasses in your drawer. The screens having text gets easily adjusted in size when you just push in the plus or minus button in the top right-hand side corner of your screen.

Sharing of photos:

With digital cameras, the way we share photos got revolutionized. With Wow Computer Support photo sharing became easier. When somebody sends you photos by Emails, then it gets easily stored on your computers that too automatically. So no more headache of downloading it, and saving it. Just open the mail and it gets saved in your albums. You can also easily upload, print as well as share photos from your digital camera through any of your Wow Computer Support built-in USB ports. Besides, you can send this photos to your friends and family, through email as file attachments.


With Wow Computer Support stay mentally sharp and have lots of fun with a large number of pre-installed games like Blackjack, Memory Games, Solitaire, Mahjong, Puzzles and many more.

Adobe Flash supporter

Most of the touchscreen devices don’t support Adobe Flash. But with Wow Computer Support , you will get a chance to play hundreds of games, that are available online like some of those on Game Show Network and different other sites for games.

Easy browsing

Wow Computer Support allow easy browsing of websites. You can get easy access to various kinds of news, home shopping, health and any kind of subject you have interest. If you find trouble reading the small text just zoom in and start reading. With this, the vast world of the internet comes at your fingertips. Just with one touch read your daily newspaper, follow your investment and get all the latest updates on your favourite sports.


With a very large, big touchscreen display, super clarity vision, Wow Computer Support will make handling Emails very easy. Even if you don’t have email yet, then also the Wow Computer Support support team will help you in setting up your email account in just a few minutes. With no time you will start emailing.

Word processor

Wow Computer Support come with its own integrated word processor that helps you in writing, editing, saving and printing your own text documents. Along with that, it has also its own software for slide presentations and spreadsheets. Almost all latest HP printers can work with your Wow Computer Support. The only thing you have to do is just plug in your USB cable from your printer to WOW! Computer and start printing.

Video calling

Wow Computer Support have an embedded video chat feature that makes use of Skype latest technology. It is highly compatible with almost all computers having a webcam. Only the person at other end requires a webcam and a video chat account. But for placing a video call chat you need a high-speed internet access. Everything starting from a webcam, microphone, speakers and Skype video chat, everything is built in.

Hardware specifications:

Screen size-21.5 inch with high definition touch panel

Processor-Intel Celeron Quad Core processor

Memory- 2GB RAM,32GB SSD flash drive

Hard drive- Available for additional cloud storage

Webcam-Built in 1.0MP webcam with microphone

Input/output-In 1 earphone, out10/100/1000 LAN


Speakers-stereo speakers with premium sound

Input Devices-Wireless keyboard and mouse included.

Wow Computer Support support

The most important feature that comes with WOW! The computer is free lifetime basic support. This feature is not given by any other computer companies. WOW! The computer offers a VIP support plan that helps in simplifying almost all of your tasks and services that are required for your system to keep running. It is much more than technical support. It also offers training on demand titled How to do something. The staff are highly patient and customer friendly, who will show you how to carry out a task in your own screen. The only thing you have to do is calling WOW! Computer phone number. Now let’s have a look at what all support comes under VIP support plan:

  • Giving technical help through Email
  • How to use all programs by giving video examples.
  • Fixing bug and maintenance of program
  • Giving instructional help through toll-free phone number and email.
  • You will have easy access to US-based support staff
  • Help from US staff remotely
  • Help in making back up your files
  • Offers a safe and secure computing package by giving virus protection.

In other computer companies, you will get all these support for more than $50 price and that too with poor service.

WOW! Computer support number

By calling in this WOW! Computer phone number you will get the best assistance by technicians who will solve all your problems associated with Wow Computer Support. The services offered by WOW! Computer support team are:


The WOW! Computer support team will optimize your old computer in such a way that you will not feel that it’s your same old computer, in fact, it will start working like the day you first bought it.

Diagnosis and repair

They work like a one-stop comprehensive diagnostic and repair station for your computers and all other connected devices. Highly trained technicians are always ready to fix anything.

Set up and installation

Wow Computer Support support team helps in easy setup and installation of your new computers. All you have to do is sit and relax and rest all other works are done by their experts.

Removal of virus

With Wow Computer Support you will not have to worry about online threats, viruses and hackers. The support team are responsible for optimizing the security infrastructure.

Remote tech support

Technology is made easy for you with Wow Computer Support instant support.


For getting instant solution for technological issues you can use self-help.

For all information related queries Wow Computer Support phone number.